Electronics Training Class   Get the most from your electronics with a tournament champion on board


Learning to interpret today's electronics is vital for fishing success. I give personal lessons on the water to help you in understanding how to operate your unit and help you identify fish. I work with everyone from the professional fisherman to the weekend angler trying to get the most out of his/her electronics. We begin by discussing your past experiences with your electronics. After we have a conversation, we look at the best course of action to make you more proficient with your electronics. In most cases I climb in your boat and look at how your unit is set up. I would then make changes to your unit to read properly. Then we would spend some on the water and I would give you a detailed lesson based on what concerns you the most for your learning needs.

Most Popular Topics Include:

• Identifying Fish with sonar/down/side imaging
• Tuning sonar/down/side imaging for optimal performance
• Navigating with map options
• Setting/Editing waypoints
• How to get back to a waypoint
• Boat positioning using your GPS
• Identifying cover, hard bottom vs soft bottom, etc.


3 types of "ON THE WATER" lessons:

Parkers Outfitting Electronics ClassLesson 1 - 4 Hour Quick Lesson – This is not a guided fishing trip. We will discuss and cover the areas most important to you and I will show you a few examples.
Rate $300

Lesson 2 - 8 Hour In-Depth Lesson – This is not a guided fishing trip. We will discuss and cover the areas most important to you and I will show you as many examples as possible to help you learn. This a more In-Depth Lesson.
Rate $500

Lesson 3 - Tournament Prep Lesson – This lesson is not a guided fishing trip. I combine the use of electronics and current conditions to help a tournament angler identify current patterns of largemouth bass. This is not a lesson to tell you exactly where the winning school of fish are living but rather to put you days ahead in your practice efforts and help you find that winning pattern. I want you to be able to catch fish up and down the lake based on the current pattern. I will show you examples of different patterns and how to run them in a tournament scenario. I suggest you plan on a day or 2 of practice AFTER this type of trip to make you more prepared for your big event.
Rate $500

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